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Should you finance or lease a Hyundai?

Financing and leasing a Hyundai are both good options. What’s best for you depends on your circumstances. Our Finance pros can help you make the right choice for your lifestyle.

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If you don’t have any major life changes soon, and don’t want a limit on the number of miles you drive each year, financing is better. Other considerations include:

  • Wanting to eventually own the vehicle
  • Managing repair costs after your vehicle’s warranty has expired
  • When you’ve paid off what you borrowed, you’re free of payments and you build equity in the vehicle
  • Add accessories, such as a roof rack, cargo carrier, or running boards.

Leasing is the right choice if you want to drive a new car every few years or if you have big life changes in the next year or two. Additional considerations are:

  • Always having a car under warranty
  • A limit on the number of kilometers you can drive each year, and so being satisfied with this
  • Not wanting a car that depreciates over time
  • Have no problem maintaining and cleaning your lease car

How leasing or financing a Hyundai works

Hyundai Canada offers good financing and leasing packages that are flexible and work well for most buyers.

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Leasing with Hyundai

Put yourself in a new Hyundai with a lease of up to 60 months. You’ll get a factory-backed warranty for up to five years, and a lease designed to fit your financial needs. 

Financial protection

Hyundai Canada leases come with Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP), which protects you financially if your vehicle is ever written off. GAP pays the difference between the insurance company’s payout and any amount owing on the lease.

End-of-lease options

When your lease ends, you can buy the car, extend the lease, or look for a new lease agreement. Hyundai Canada gives you plenty of time to consider your options. At 120 days before your lease ends, they’ll send you a Lease-End Kit to guide you through the process. You’ll receive some checklists so you can assess your vehicle’s condition. Southtown Hyundai is always available to explore the next steps with you.

Hyundai Canada financing

Take advantage of financing offers and enjoy the benefits of unlimited kilometers and no end-of-contract term charges. Even if there are no promotional offers at the moment, Hyundai Canada's rates are competitive and flexible.

Both financing and leasing have their benefits. Whatever option you choose, our professional finance managers will go through all the details and answer any questions regarding warranties and other financing options to protect your investment. We look forward to meeting with you soon to discuss your needs and options!

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