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Your Hyundai is central to your life. That’s why Southtown Hyundai uses only factory-trained technicians for all mechanical work. If your car is new, following the maintenance schedule keeps the warranty active. For slightly older vehicles, regular servicing will deliver great performance and fuel efficiency.

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We do all Hyundai minor, full, and major services and advise on all mechanical requirements. Our customers come from central and southern Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Nisku, and Leduc. Book your appointment today and be sure to let us know if you need a loaner or shuttle ride!

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Be safe on the road, whatever the season or weather. We stock a large range of winter, all-season, all-weather, and performance tires, and more than 10 tire brands. When you buy and install four tires from Southtown Hyundai, you access Go Auto’s Tire Advantage. It gives a two-year tire replacement warranty, with cover for parts and labour on all tires.

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We stock genuine Hyundai parts and accessories that are designed and approved for your Hyundai vehicle. Using original parts last longer and help your car run smoothly. We’re here to help you find the right part, whether you do your own servicing or use Southtown Hyundai’s Service Centre.

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Getting maintenance done on time is the number one thing you can do to keep your vehicle strong for years to come. Maintenance at the recommended intervals will help prevent unnecessary expenses. Hyundai models all come with owner’s manuals. Alternatively, use Southtown Hyundaiai’s Maintenance Schedule search tool to find your next service date.

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Order all-season, all-weather, or performance tires. We offer a two-year tire replacement warranty, no questions asked. Parts and labour are covered on all tires sold.

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Service & maintenance large or small

Book an oil change, fix your brakes, refill your fluids, rotate your tires, replace your filters, and more. No matter what you need, we can take care of you.

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Your time is valuable. That’s why we offer free loaner vehicles or shuttle rides. Let us know you need a ride when you book your appointment. We’ll get you to your next destination quickly.

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The Go Auto App enables massive savings. And they add up quickly for loyal customers. Download the app and sign-up for a free Go Card. You’ll save at least 10% on every service, parts, and accessory bill. The Go Card even gives you an opportunity to earn $500!

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When you need extra time to pay your service bill, we can put off payment for up to 12 months. You’ll need to be approved for credit to qualify. On approved credit.

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Hyundai Recall check

Find out if your model has a Recall Notice

Hyundai Canada is committed to your safety and security on the road. If you believe your model has been recalled, use the tool below to check on its status. Please note that safety recalls issued prior to 1994 are not included in this look-up tool. 

Please note that no Vehicle Identification Numbers include the following letters: “O”, “I” or “Q”. Please allow some time after your recall repair has been completed for the data specific to your vehicle to be updated.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often does my Hyundai need an oil change? 

A Hyundai oil and filter change should be done every 6,000 km. Each make has different requirements, and not all Hyundais need synthetic oil. Check your Owner’s Manual for with us for full details. Also, oil change intervals vary, based on your driving habits. If you take short trips with a lot of stops and starts, shorter oil change intervals are recommended.

Do Hyundai cars have high maintenance? 

No, Hyundai cars aren’t high maintenance. According to the CAA and Your Mechanic, Hyundai maintenance includes oil and filter changes and regular maintenance, which you can find in your Owner’s Manual.

What's the difference between a Hyundai full service and major service? 

Hyundai uses numbers for its service types. Service 1 is an oil and filter change with an inspection of fluid levels, battery, tires, lights, and a few other things. Services 2 adds on to number 1 ventilation of the vacuum crankcase hoses, and tire rotation. Service 3 is even more comprehensive, adding on servicing of brakes and fuel injector.

Do I have to get my car serviced with Hyundai to keep my warranty? 

We recommend getting your vehicle serviced at Southtown Hyundai because we use Hyundai-trained technicians. They know Hyundai engines in detail and install only Hyundai parts. All components under warranty must be serviced at a licensed Hyundai dealership to keep the warranty active. Anything not under warranty or recalls can be maintained by you or at another service location.

Can a late oil change void my warranty? 

Yes, a late Hyundai oil change can void your warranty. It could also damage your vehicle. A late or missed service in your maintenance schedule may void your warranty.

Is a Hyundai service plan worth it? 

Hyundai’s Extended Protection is definitely worth it. You get comprehensive protection when your factory warranty expires. Hyundai’s Extended Protection is fully backed by Hyundai Auto Canada. Coverage extends across Canada and the continental U.S., and all work is done by Hyundai-trained technicians. Discover more at Hyundai Canada.

How long will a full service take? 

A Hyundai Service 2 will take around two hours, depending on what needs to be replaced or repaired. An oil and filter change is usually done in about 30 minutes.

How long will a major service take? 

Expect to have your vehicle at our service centre for about three or four hours for a Hyundai Service 3. The actual length will depend on what needs to be done.