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Winter Service Specials

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Until March 15, 2024

15% Off Winter Maintenance Service

We'll change your oil and filter using synthetic product as per the recommended maintenance service. Based on the variability of fuel quality and driving condition, a service interval of once every 6 months/6,000 kms or 6 months/8,000 kms is recommended depending on model and model year. Plus, we will conduct a wheel alignment inspection or tire rotation to prevent premature wear on your tires and better control of your vehicle.

Benefits of winter tires:

Improve stopping

Winter tires could help you stop up to 40 metres faster or more in comparison to summer tires travelling at 80 km/hr.

Improve handling

Specialized rubber compounds in winter tires are constructed to stay soft in cold temperatures to improve overall surface grip giving you better vehicle control.

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Lifestyle and outdoor accessories

There's never been a better time to prepare for all your winter plans. With a roof rack or trailer hitch you can free up space for passengers and carry all your equipment safely and in style.

Wiper Blades

Winter is here and changing your wiper blades will help protect your windshield against ice, sleet and snow, so you can see the road clearly.

Floor protection

Protect the interior of your Hyundai with advanced floor protection. Designed to keep your carpet from dirt, rain, slush and snow, keeping your vehicle clean all year long. 


Discount applies to parts and labour when installed at an authorized Hyundai dealership. Inspect and replace Genuine Hyundai brake pads, top up of brake fluid or replace worn out rotors to make sure you are stopping safely.